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The moment we allow someone else to make a decision for us, we're giving away our personal power. That goes for remaining silent when you know you need to speak up or not making a decision at all so someone or circumstances make it for you.

That's where the our personal foundation starts to crack. Cracks turn into craters when one decision or lack of starts a ripple effect which impacts our worlds.

How are you going to take your personal power back? Leaders are expected to make decisions that move people and organizations forward, however on a daily basis as I Shadow Coach them, I see them make decisions based on emotion, assumptions and expectations. When things and relationships start breaking down, they go into 'fix mode' rather than 'build mode' and that's where cracks turn into crevices.

We are creatures of habit so how do you break down those habits that no longer serve you and make decisions based on the future you want to build?

Are you so wrapped up in the day to day stuff, you forget to pay attention to the impact of your decisions? What do you need to do so slow down to the speed of conscious thought? In doing that you will respond to whatever comes your way instead of react.

Perspective is both the angle you see yourself and your life from as well as the viewing height. The higher the perspective, the clearer the view. How can you position yourself to increase your perspective there by helping you see what you're not paying attention to? How are you questioning what doesn't make sense, introduce paradoxes, and create stimulating arenas and environments that will expand your thinking as your world unfolds? That's where you start dancing in the moment, making the decisions you need to make now to build 'later'.