Numerology: Hawaii Five-O

Numerology: Hawaii Five-O

Hawaiian coffee farmers earned $4.25 per pound for their crop in the 2007-2008 growing season, less than the price of a caremel frrappuccino at one of Hawaii’s 83 Starbucks outlets. Growers produce up to 3.5 million pounds of Kona coffee annually.

Honolulu has the third highest cost of living in the country, behind only New York and San Francisco.

Hawaii is the most expensive vacation state. Two adults typically spend $793 per day on food and lodging.

Surfing, the sport of Hawaiian kings, is now an $8 billion global industry.

The Kamehameha Schools, founded in 1887 by a Hawaiian princess, is the state’s largest private landowner and the largest independent school system in the country.

Dole is the stat’s 7th largest private landowner with 28,472 acres. Only 2,700 of them devoted to pineapples.

The state’s median household income is $62,613, the fifth highest in the country.

The average life expectancy in Hawaii is 81.1, the nation’s best.

75% of Hawaii’s jobs are directly or indirectly related to the tourism industry.

Plant products generate more than $100 million for Hawaii annually. Orchids make up the largest branch, almost 25%. Lei flowers account for $3.5 million in sales each year.

In a 2008 Gallup/Healthways survey, just 47% of Hawaiians said they were satisfied with their jobs, the lowest score of any state. Hawaiians still ranked second in overall happiness (behind Utah).

Alfred Shaheen popularized the aloha shirt in the late 1940s. By 1959, his annual sales exceeded $3 million. ($30 million in today’s money).

He retired and shut down his company in 1988. Shaheen originals routinely command more than $1,000.DL