Takashi Murakami Creates an Anime for Louis Vuitton

You already know some of Takashi Murakami’s collaborations with Louis Vuitton: He’s the man behind the multi-colored logo bag that became one of the brand’s best sellers a couple years back–endlessly knocked off and toted around by Paris Hilton, among others. Now, he’s just unveiled his newest work for the brand, Superflat First Love, an anime short that celebrates their six years of collaboration. Anime-master Mamoru Hosoda directed the film, working from Murakami’s ideas and characters, which have recurred throughout his work. There are of course all kinds of charmingly surreal touches, and, of course, a magic portal that happens to be hidden inside an iconic LV trunk:  

It’s actually the second anime that Murakami has created for Louis Vuitton, working alongside Hosoda. Previously, they created Superflat Monogram: 

In case you’re wondering, “Superflat” is the term Murakami has applied to the art movement that he founded. Visually, it emphasizes the flat, cartoon sensibility of Japanese pop culture; thematically, it’s meant to evoke the shallowness of Japanese consumer culture, and the infantilizing effect its had on the Japanese psyche–which nonetheless, Murakami has been happy to cash in. Irony? Cynicism? Your call. 

[Via Shape + Colour]

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