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High Design, for a House of God

Slovenian architects design a small, moving chapel using the barest necessities: Just three walls, made of wood, concrete and glass.

High Design, for a House of God


The best architecture is often the tiniest. Witness this new chapel by OFIS Arhitekti, built at the edge of a graveyard near Ljubljana, Slovenia. The so-called Farewell Chapel couldn't be any simpler: Cut into the side of a hill, it's comprised of just three walls. The roof functions as a garden, and the chapel itself opens onto a terrace, allowing for outdoor gatherings. Tucked into the side of the building are the service spaces, including a kitchen, a bathroom and a dressing room. The one architectural flourish is the cross-shaped skylight, whose rim is also ringed with lights, for nightime.

For another variation on that skylight-cross theme, check out this amazing church by Tadao Ando. You can see a couple more modern chapels here and here.






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[Via The Contemporist