Samsung Blue Earth: The World’s First Solar-Powered Touchscreen Phone in Action

blue earth

Samsung first announced the impending arrival of the Blue Earth, the first solar-powered touchscreen phone, this past February. CNET Asia had the enviable opportunity to check out the Blue Earth in person at CommunicAsia. The verdict? Blue Earth is sleek, attractive, and aside form the presence a solar panel, much like any other smart phone.

The phone, made entirely out of plastic from recovered water bottles (the same material as PET bottles), has a solar panel taking up its entire rear side. One hour of time in the sun reaps 10 minutes of talk time and two hours of standby time. Samsung’s phone is also free from toxic substances like pthalates, beryllium, and flame retardants, and the device’s packaging is made out of recycled paper.  No word yet on price or availability, but CNET speculates that the phone could be released as early as this year. Check out the Blue Earth in action below. 

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