Following Chatter From Iran on Twitter

The web is an amazing communication channel. Empowered by tools like Twitter, it is even more incredible. You no doubt have read about how Twitter, Facebook and YouTube represent some of the only channels for communication for those in Iran to get the word out about what is really going on. If you want to follow this, use Twitter search which is very powerful. Twitter is apparently fearful of search overpowering it, so it “hides” the search button for many of us on the bottom of the page. You do not have to join Twitter to use their search. Just go to On the bottom of the page in “mice type” alongside the typical links for “about” and “contact us” is a link called search. Click on it and then click on “advanced search”. One can immediately see the power of finding out what people are saying all over the world right now. If you want to limit yourself to a specific geography such as Tehran, type that in the space “Show Tweets Near” and you will get all tweets coming out of Tehran. With the other boxes, you can limit or expand your search as much as you want.

I find this amazing. In December, I typed in Tel Aviv and limited it to 150 miles. I watched the Palestinians and the Israeli’s trash talking each other about the missle strikes. Once again, the world will never be the same. Thanks, Twitter! 

A couple of other points about this. Twitter was scheduled to be dark for an hour last Monday for maintenance. A groundswell happened, asking them to stay up while the crisis continued and they complied.

I wrote this blog three hours ago. Since then, there have been 27,000 entries from Tehran!DS