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iPhone 3G S Is Slick, Here's the First Hands-on Vid to Prove It

It's undoubtedly Apple's week—the new iPhone firmware is due out today, and the new iPhone 3G S is in shops come Friday. That limiting date hasn't stopped a Brazilian blog from getting hold of one and demoing it on video, though.

Checkout the video from MyDock below. It's in Portuguese, but there are English subtitles (complete with the "S" of 3G S styled exactly as Apple does—don't you just love Apple fans?)

There's not much new to be spotted here, but considering we've only seen an on-stage demo at WWDC and the rather dry guideline movies on Apple's Web site, it's fascinating to see the device in action. The speed with which apps launch is noticeably faster, as is home-page switching. And, fabulously, Apple has tackled that irritating lag between launching the camera app and being able to snap a pic. We suspect its a combination of the new imaging unit and the 3G S's faster processor. Great to see the video recording capability in use, too.

A nice feature that might have been overlooked (and here I'm looking at you, Google, with your American accent-only voice search) is that the voice control accepts foreign language commands, and reports back using foreign languages too. Speech synthesis sounds good, and the iPhone's voice sounds like it's a female. I always knew it was.

If you're keen to get your hands on some—but not all—of the new software action on your old iPhone 3G, you'll be able to do so today. Apple initially said everyone would get their hands on new iPhone firmware 3.0 June 17—but it's revised its guidelines to reflect global time differences, so for some in the East it'll arrive June 18. Best guess is it's due around noon EST. Connect it up and hit "Check for updates" in iTunes around then, folks. But don't be surprised if it takes a while. With so many million iPhones and iPod touches out there the system might get a bit bunged up.

[via iPhoneportugal]

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