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To thrive in the the WorkQuake(tm) of the Knowledge Economy, an organization must find, retain and develop Intraprenuerial Employees. Here's how:

  1. It's the Employees! In the hyper-competitive environment of the Knowledge Economy every Organization must distinguish itself in the marketplace based on Service. Intrapreneurs/Core Employees provide that Service Differential.
  2. Hire Intrapreneurs/Core Employees and Temporary Employees! Intrapreneurs/Core Employees are your Talent. Intrapreneurs/Core Employees are Generalists with the skills and cross training necessary to perform a variety of functions and work as a member of an Organization wide Team, which makes them indispensable to your business. Temporary Employees are hired when business is good and are released at the first sign of a downturn.
  3. Keep Your Intrapreneurs/Core Employees Happy! Hire them above market value and provide them with good benefits. THEN...
  4. Train Them! Give Intrapreneurs/Core Employees every opportunity to gain new skills and competencies and cross-train them. As Core Employees acquire more skills they become more flexible resources.
  5. Reward Them! You must financial reward Intrapreneurs/Core Employees who use their new skills to help the Organization achieve its stated Goals. Pay must be aligned with the goals of the Organization, and there must be a direct correlation between pay and Employee effort. Employees Must Learn to Earn!
  6. Recognize Them! Double, triple, quadruple the number of "atta boys/girls."
  7. Involve Them! Make them part of the organization.
  8. Develop Them! They are the Organization's Everyday Leaders.
The Bottom Line: The WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy demands Organizations create a workforce comprised primarily of Intrepreneurial Employees.

Question: Is your workforce comprised of Intrepreneurial Employees? If not, why not?

Go to for more information about developing an Intrapreneurial Workforce in the Time of the WorkQuake™.