Do Facebook Quizzes Help Or Hurt Your Online Brand? (“What Kind of Plastic Army Man Are You?”)

So I log into Facebook today and see that a friend of mine completed the quiz, “What Plastic Army Man Are You?”  Being a Marine in my younger years, of course I didn’t like “Army Man” (you know what I mean if you were ever a Devil Dog), but I was compelled enough to take the quiz for a spin.

And here’s where it gets good: The first question of the “What Plastic Army Man Are You” quiz is . . . . 

“What nationality are you?”

Now you tell me – what the ^&% does this have to do with anything, particularly involving plastic army men that are all the same shade of green?

Moving on, let me simply say that if you’re trying to raise your social media visibility, doing quizzes such as these (whereby they are visible to potential Hiring Managers or HR) may send a message about who you are.  If a particular HR rep or Hiring Manager have an aversion toward the military, seeing you take this quiz may be the kiss of death.  On the other hand, the HR rep or Hiring Manager may have a personal affinity for the military . . . at which point the quiz may position you beneficially.

Or more likely, perhaps the HR rep or Hiring Manager are social media zombies . . . of which the busier you are, the better.

Just some food for thought this morning – now it’s your turn to do the dishes!JL