The Oprah Effect in Search

Let me begin by stating that I’ve never watched a full episode of Oprah.


I think that’s important because I guess I never realized how influencial one person could be. A few nights ago I came across a show called “The Oprah Effect” and watched Oprah Winfrey’s incredible Midas touch effect on everything that she comes in contact with. On this show it was said that Oprah has this segment called “Oprah’s Favorite Things” where once a year she shares products that she feels are noteworthy with her audience members . Now, I do this on a daily basis and I’m usually dismissed as a know-it-all however in Oprah’s case she changes lives.  Throughout the show they showed examples of small business owner’s products being featured on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” that literally increased sales for their products overnight. Servers crashed, phones rang incessantly, customers camped outside (ok, I made that up) and simply because Oprah mentioned their product in her segment. Talk about power trip.


So how does this affect me and the Search industry? Well, truth is, most times Search strategies are an aggregrate of small tactics designed to deliver incremental traffic. It is rare that I sit down and say “I think my organic strategy for this campaign will be to target the USA Today, the New York TImes, and maybe…some other highly visible website”. The reason is because the chance of actually getting a chance to be included in these types of websites are pretty slim. However that doesn’t stop Oprah followers from soliciting the talk show queen with their latest product and it shouldn’t stop us from contacting that elusive highly visible website either. 


Thanks Oprah for the inspiration.