Brando’s $20 USB Hub Doubles as a Solar-Powered Charger

brando USB solar charging

Brando’s new USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub is the Swiss army knife of USB chargers. The device contains six cell phone connectors, and can be used as a traditional USB hub or as a solar-powered gadget charger. The hub is ultra-light at 54 grams, and measures just 64 centimeters wide.

Electronics don’t have to be plugged in to the $20 device while it’s catching the sun’s rays–the hub comes with a built-in lithium battery to store solar power. If the sun isn’t shining, Brando’s hub can be charged with an AC power supply. There’s just one problem: Brando hasn’t disclosed how much sun the hub needs to fully power a cell phone, which indicates that it might take a very, very long time.

If solar-powered chargers aren’t your thing, Brando also sells a potato-shaped USB hub, a skull-shaped hub, and a 3-port hub with an erasable memo pad.

[Via Gizmodo]AS