Totally Ridiculous: An Anti-Stab Knife


A new knife, meant to make impulse stabbings of a co-worker or a spouse more difficult, is ready for the market.

Manufactured by Taylor’s Eye Witness (a cutlery company whose amazingly apt name is a total coincidence), the New Point has a dulled leading tip that keeps the knife edge from striking anyone. The actual blade tip is recessed, so that it snaps on clothes before it can do serious damage. Seems like a hoax, right? Maybe not. The designer, John Cornock, says he was inspired to invent the knife because of a BBC report that showed an unusually high number of fatal stabbings in Britain, which called out long kitchen knives as being the weapon of choice. One doctor, responded–with total sincerity–by saying that pointed knives should be banned. Cornock thus responded with his “more considered” solution.

Maybe that’s useful in high-security setting–such as mental-health clinics or prisons. But the consumer marketing seems utterly preposterous. If you found yourself wanting a product like this, wouldn’t it be safer to remove yourself from the potentially dangerous situation altogether? Or are there simply more instances of sleep-walking stabbers and devil-possessed spouses than we realize? 

[Via Designboom and Gizmodo]CK