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iPhone 3G S Pre-Orders Sell Out as Push Notifications Go Live Early

When Apple announced the new iPhone 3G S last week, some were surprised it was going on sale so soon—this Friday, in fact. And in a great indicator of the phone's potential success, AT&T has sold-out of pre-order units.

iPhone 3G S This year AT&T was allowing online pre-orders for the new iPhone, unlike last year. And it seems that however many 3G S units the company had in stock for the June 19 launch have now been snapped up. AT&T has asked its staff to alert anyone who pre-ordered after Saturday June 13 that they won't be getting a phone on launch-day, and instead it'll be shipped to their chosen AT&T store within seven to fourteen days.

If you're keen to get hold of a new iPhone, however, there's no need to worry—units are also on sale at Apple stores, Wal-mart and Best Buy. I'd expect to have to queue-up, though, if the AT&T sell-out is anything to go by.

iPhone Push NotificationsMeanwhile Apple's busy getting its own ducks in a row for the launch of the new iPhone by making sure the new firmware, iPhone 3.0 which also upgrades older iPhones, is ready. The Push Notifications feature, which is Apple's answer to emulating background-running apps, has already gone live. One of the most popular iPhone games, Tap Tap Revenge, is now using push alerts, and they seem to be working well. The new Find My iPhone system has also gone live early, and has been enabled for developers running the new firmware for over a week.

There's also some good news for habitual app-buyers: The rumor suggesting that you may have to pay to re-download apps over the 3G network is untrue. According to AppAdvice, it was actually a bug, and the alert message has been removed from the release candidate firmware. Whether or not it was actually a bug is open for debate, and it may just be that Apple changed its stance.

This all makes sense, if you think about the massive amount of technical jiggery-pokery Apple has to get working behind the scenes so that this week goes smoothly. Presumably it's trying to avoid a repeat of the original iPhone activation server crash problems.

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