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I’ve recently bookmarked so many interesting sites on how companies use video I figured it’s time to open the vault and share a few of my favorite discoveries with you. I hope you’ll find something interesting, useful and thought-provoking here.

1. Herman Miller Video: Making of Setu
Watch how the team members sit around a table and one team member shares their compliments about another person on the team. We get a quick tour, see the chair in action and catch some philosophy along the way. It’s a simple video with a simple design structure. A perfect compliment to the Herman Miller brand.
(Hat tip to my blogging friend and branding guru Tom Asacker for this link.)

2. Multimedia Journalists Discover Life After Newspapers
Welcome to the future of corporate video storytelling. A must-read article pointing to how former newspaper photographers are preparing for new career directions by creating web videos that help companies and nonprofits tell their stories.

3. Have you seen the Rhode Island School of Design videos?
Definitely check out the "RISD Profile" videos. I really enjoyed John Maeda’s interview, the President of RISD.

4. Video to Flood Corporate Networks, Too.
Hold on to your hats, folks. From the article: "Cisco's famous "Zettaflood" report last year predicted that video would make up half of the Internet's traffic by 2012…" This brief article is a great snapshot indicating the enormous rise in video usage; now and in the future.

5. NY Times "Conversations" Videos
I love these short conversational videos from the NYTimes. This is from the home page: "Candid conversations with some of today’s most interesting people about their passions, their lives and" Perhaps it's another glimpse into one of the ways organizations will use video?


Veteran corporate filmmaker Thomas Clifford believes remarkable organizations deserve remarkable films. He helps Fortune 100's and non-profits breathe life into their messages and stories.