Visions of Shaun White’s Fall ’09 Line for Target

A peek into the designs for the second season of Shaun White’s clothing line for Target.



In our February cover story, “Shaun White’s Business is Red Hot,” Fast Company Senior Editor Mark Borden, who wrote the article, told you that snowboarding gold medalist and skate boarder Shaun White had the creativity and authenticity to kill in the $150 billion youth market.

He wrote:


“White has sought out companies he truly connects with. Working with a tight team of advisers that include his 29-year-old brother, Jesse, and his agent, Mark Ervin of IMG, White sees these deals as a long-term investment portfolio, something that will outlast his knees. Each corporation meshes with a discrete slice of his actual life, and with each one, White dives in and takes a central role, from the design of specific products to pulling deals together among his various partners. Last fall, his street-wear line appeared in Target stores across the country. This year, he expanded his best-selling Burton collection of snowboarding gear to include a stand-alone extension for women. There are marketing deals with HP, Oakley, and Red Bull. He collaborated on a snowboarding video game with Ubisoft that went on sale just before the holidays. And whether it’s the quirky commercials for Target, the reality-style video shorts in the back-to-school Web campaign for HP, or the high-energy ads for Ubisoft, the ecstatic look and feel of the White DNA comes through.”

His Target clothing line’s launch was so successful, the big box retailer has re-upped for a second season. The clothes are a collaboration with his brother Jesse and represent White’s interests in music and travel. Similarly to White’s line for Burton, brainstorming begins with hand sketches by big bro, and CoolHunting got a peek inside his notebook.

This sketch shows the design for a jacket:



The new Shaun White for Target collection will be available in the fall at all Target locations and online. See more sketches at CoolHunting.

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