The Top 10 List for Job Seekers

Who doesn’t love a “Top 10” list? Especially when it comes from David Letterman. The list I want to focus on today, however, isn’t very funny (but there is a fun payoff at the end of this post).

Looking for a job today is serious business. It’s a job in itself, and you need to take it seriously in order to succeed.

Fortunately, the experts at Robert Half International have put together the 10 best strategies that every job seeker should pursue. The full list is posted on Yahoo! HotJobs, but here are three of the wise tips (in no particular order):

  • Leave your comfort zone. Don’t limit your search to your current industry or field. Expand your horizons by focusing on your transferable skills.
  • Be flexible. Remaining open to all possibilities is essential in a challenging economy. Don’t overlook a position even if the job title, salary, or benefits may not be exactly what you hoped for.
  • Manage your digital footprint. With a few mouse clicks, potential employers can dig up information about you on blogs, personal websites and networking sites. As you look for employment, keep tabs on your online reputation to make sure there is no information about you on the Web that could affect your professional reputation.

For the full, informative top 10 list, click here.

Now for the funny part: some gems from Letterman’s “Top 10 Most Embarrassing Jobs” (1998) …

  • Pillsbury doughboy stomach poker
  • You know the guy who collects all the change from pool hall vending machines — his assistant
  • Dairy Queen’s senior vice president in charge of scrumpdillyiciousness

Still good after 11 years.