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Sarah Silverman Threatens Grandparents, Wins Famous British Design Award

The winners of the D&AD awards were just announced. And the top prizes went to...

Last night, D&AD, a British design council, handed out its prestigious annual design awards at a swank gala ceremony. The sprawling affair ranges across over two dozen categories—from radio ads to viral videos.

Here's a round-up of who won the highest awards—the so-called Black Pencil (the trophy is an actual oversized pencil).

Matt Dent's brilliant redesign of British coinage. Rather than standalone designs, each coin is printed with just a portion of the shield of the Royal Arms; together, the coins reveal the complete image: 


Droga5 for their ad featuring comedian Sarah Silverman, urging her fellow Jews to get their Floridian grandparents to vote for Obama:


ART+COM's mesmerizing kinetic sculpture for the BMW museum: 

Droga5 again, for designing the collateral for The Million, a program in New York City that rewards the good behavior of public-school students with cellphone minutes, music downloads, and other e-goodies:


You can check out all of the runners-up here. It's a great collection of work.

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