Did Merck Really Try to Deliberately Silence Critics?

Disturbing article on Total Health Breakthroughs about a deliberate campaign by Merck to intimidate, defund ,and otherwise make life miserable for doctors who dared to speak out about the nasty and sometimes-lethal side effects of Vioxx.

I am not in a position to evaluate the claims this article makes,
but if there’s any truth to it at all, we’ve got yet another very
serious problem in our health care system.

Isn’t it time we put actual healing in front of corporate profits?
And isn’t it time that drug companies and others are held responsible
for the consequences of their products–and their strategies?

If you’re in the US, tell your representative in Congress to support HR 676, the Medicare for All bill. If you’renot i the US, you may not realize that almostg alone among developed countries,w e still don’t have health care as a right.SH