Snap On, Snap Off No More: Remote Control Sharp’s New LED Eco-Bulbs to Change Levels of White Light

Sharp introduced new LED lightbulbs that are remote control-dimmable, and can be tuned so that the warmth of their white light suits your home or even your mood.

Sharp’s DL-L60AV bulbs are so neat, in fact, that they’re a little taste of what everyone’s lighting solutions will be like in the future. The bulbs are high-tech looking, and consume just 8.2W of power. That’s about ten times less power than your typical incandescent bulb, half that of the overly-hyped compact fluorescent type, and yet they still push out pretty much the same brightness level. That makes them eco-friendly, and they’ve got a 40,000 hour lifespan. Including the remote-control electronics in the bulb is a genius move–it means you could control each light fitting independently. It’s even more convenient than the clunky bedside light switches that we’re all used too since you can remotely control the dimming too.

Being able to steer the white-point of the bulb is the key feature, however. I can imagine many situations when this makes great sense. You’d choose a warmer white if you were holding a dinner party, but if you had to leap out of bed and do some tough exam revision, then a bright, clean white color would help keep you awake. Sharp even suggests you might like to tweak the color to match the weather outside. To do all that previously, you’d have had to change the bulbs. 

Best of all, it’s great when a company launches a product that only recently I complained didn’t exist. 

[Sharp via Impress

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