DOE’s TransAtlas Google Map Mashup Highlights Alternative Fuel Hotspots


Companies working on alternative fuel charging stations should take notice of the U.S. Department of Energy’s new TransAtlas tool, an interactive Google Map mashup map of alt-fuel hotspots.

TransAtlas shows existing and planned locations of fueling stations for liquified natural gas, propane, electric, compressed natural gas, E85, and biodiesel.  The tool can even zoom in on individual fueling stations to display contact information and public access status. Production facility information, including production capacity and feedstock type, is also accessible.

According to the map, electric and hydrogen are few and far between, with stations concentrated on the West Coast. That doesn’t necessarily mean electric fueling station companies like Better Place should start moving into the Midwest, though. TransAtlas’s vehicle density map shows that hybrid electric vehicles are highly concentrated on both coasts, with small hotspots in states including Michigan, Florida, and Arizona. Stimulus cash and burgeoning EV network alliances should, however, cause these hotspots to grow exponentially in the next few years.