The Entreprenurial Organization

It’s not the strongest nor most intelligent of the species that survive; it is the one most adaptable to change” — Charles Darwin

Last week’s post generated discussion about what constitutes an Entrepreneurial Organization, Intrapreneurial Employees and Evangelist Customers. Here’s my definition of THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ORGANIZATION

  1. Has RESPECT for all stakeholders–vendors, suppliers, customers, managers & employees.
  2. Has a Flatten Hierarchy–realizes the way to operate a business in the WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy is to eliminate “command and control” and involve all the stakeholders in the decision making process.
  3. Has a Vision and Communicates that Vision–knows where it is and where it wants to go and makes sure all its stakeholders know also.
  4. Focuses on Constant Improvement–is never satisfied with the ways things are and continuously works to improve its processes, its relationships and its people.
  5. Fosters Creativity–by listening to the voices of all its stakeholders.
  6. Nurtures Everyday Leaders–by identifying, engaging and developing those individuals, at every level, who will take the organization to the next level.
  7. Is Flexible–understands that, in response to the constant unexpected of the WorkQuake™ , “the way it has always been done” may not be the way “it needs to be done.”
  8. Is Ethical–in all its dealings with all its stakeholders.
  9. Realizes the stakeholders often unasked question “What’s in it for me?” is a legitimate question that requires an answer.

The Bottom Line: The WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy will only tolerate Entrepreneurial Organizations.

Question: Is your company an Entrepreneurial Organization? If not, why not?

Paul Glover, President
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