Panthera Leo Hybrid Lawn Mower: A Green Machine to Mow Your Green

Husqvarna Electric Lawnmower

Husqvarna, the world’s largest producer of lawn mowers, has developed a concept mower with a minimal environmental impact–minimal once you overlook the whole mowing down of your home’s natural environment bit, at least.

The Panthera Leo hybrid consists of two ride-on mowers, a battery that can be charged at any electrical outlet (in place of a gas engine), and five electrical motors with a sound-absorbing cutting deck to reduce noise. Husqvarna’s futuristic-looking mower is controlled by paddles on its steering wheel. An LCD display provides information about speed, cutting height, cutting width, battery power, and service needs. Husqvarna’s mower yields two hours of cutting time on a lithium-phosphate battery, with overnight charging necessary for an additional two hours. Hopefully, Husqvarna can speed things up before the Panthera Leo is released in five years.

Manicured lawn lovers who want an eco-friendly mowing solution now needn’t look further than Husqvarna’s Automower, an emissions-free solar and battery-powered robotic mower. The mower is available now for $2,999.95

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