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Future Computers Now: Acer to Ship Notebook With 3-D Display in October

We already know that 3-D tech is supposed to be the next big thing for home TVs, but we've also been hearing about it coming to computers. Well, it's here. Acer actually has a 3-D display notebook in the works.

3-D Notebook

The company's VP of Mobile Computing, Kan Campbell, recently revealed the news: The machine is based on a 15.6-inch notebook screen, and it's being developed in concert with Wistron, which is one of the world's largest Original Design Manufacture companies. It's unfortunately going to require the user to wear some sort of goggles—meaning it's employing an alternate-eye stereoscopic trick to generate the 3-D effects. But it will actually come with built-in software that can try to convert 2-D movies into more exciting 3-D ones.

Neat as the 3-D movies trick might be, this sort of PC will really come into its own in the future for one main reason: Gaming. When you're generating graphics in a computer, it's actually much easier to insert a 3-D effect than it is to film one for a movie—all it takes is an extra frame-render in each cycle, one for each eye of the viewer. It's likely to be a major element of near-future games, which is why it's neat that Acer is launching a 3-D-capable laptop PC so soon.

More interestingly Acer said it's also working on a non-goggle 3-D display notebook, but that's probably a little more remote from becoming a product. We also won't hear too much about the first 3-D notebook until Windows 7 ships, since that's the OS Acer's chosen to power it. It's likely to hit the shops at the end of October.

[via Digitimes]

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