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StudioDesk Hides All of Your E-Clutter

Bluelounge, specialists in clever cable storage, introduces its first piece of furniture.


Bluelounge, a young company dedicated to creating clever ways to hide your cable clutter, has just unveiled its very first piece of furniture: The StudioDesk, which banishes e-clutter on both the floor and the desktop.

Think of it as a rolltop secretary desk, adapted to our current age. The ingenuity lies in a storage compartment that can be accessed by the slide-away writing surface. Inside, there's a built-in power strip; the compartment doesn't close completely, but instead leaves a slit through which you can thread the plugs you need. Thus, at the floor level, you've got only a single plug. On your desktop you've only got the couple of inches of cords going to your computer and various peripherals. And finally, the desk is pretty well priced at $599—especially given the luxe mahogany legs.




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[Via press release]