Shell Admits Participation in Terrorism

I buy gas at Shell; Am I complicit in the terrorism? Probably.

I buy gas at Shell; Am I complicit in the terrorism? Probably.


like to view myself as fairly well-informed, but today I find I have
been completely ignorant. Shell fell off my ‘approved’ list quite
awhile ago because of their blatant tendency toward greenwashing. In
2008, the UK Advertising Standards Authority took Shell to task when
it claimed that a ten billion dollar investment to extract oil from the
Canadian tar sands (oil mixed with sand) was about sustainable energy.
It is not.

Recently, Royal Dutch Shell announced a complete abandonment of investment into renewable energy.
Why? Well apparently, after significant investments (1.9 billion) by
the company over the past five years, it was decided that renewable
energy was not, and will not be, economic. Instead the company will
focus on generation 4 biofuels
produced from algae or bacteria. This will be a great solution if it is
ever proved to work. At this point nobody has figured how to get fuel
from algae or bacteria.

As if these things were not enough,
today I have been freed from that last bit of benevolence I was still
willing to offer Shell. Via some growing chatter on twitter, I came
across a video documentary on YouTube. I am horrified. And it seems I am not alone. Between May 28th and June 1st, the has been viewed 60,000 times. Huffington Post ran the article “The Video Shell Doesn’t Want You to See” by Han Shan stating the following;

over thirteen years, multinational oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has done
everything in its power to stop a trial from taking place at which the
company must answer to charges that it colluded with the Nigerian
military to commit serious human rights abuses to quell peaceful
resistance to its operations in the Niger Delta region called Ogoni,
including conspiring to bring about the conviction and execution of
Ogoni leader Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his colleagues.”

Now Shell is doing everything in it’s power to suppress the video and delay the trial.
Many now feel Shell will try to settle out of court and avoid further
damage to it’s fractured brand. (Since writing this article today, it
has come out that Shell is, in fact, avoiding court by settling to the tune of 15.5 Million!)

if only a portion of the story told on the video is true, then Shell is
guilty of crimes of murder and terrorism. And if I finance their
product, then I have become complicit.

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