• 06.08.09

Are Studios Making Flimsier DVD Cases to Save Money or the Planet?

Warner Home Video is releasing new DVDs in cases that contain 20% less plastic. As a result of the effort, the company will reduce carbon emissions from its home entertainment division by 31%–and slash materials and shipping costs in a division with flagging sales.

dvd cases

Other movie studios are also working on lightening DVD cases’ loads. Sony Pictures Entertainment reduced the size of its DVD by cases 20% last month. Both Sony and 20th Century Fox are leading the charge on Blu-Ray discs, which come in smaller cases that reduce environmental impact by up to 30%.


Mainstream DVD distributors still have a long way to go in their quests to cut carbon emissions. Green living company Gaiam now manufactures its DVDs in plastic-free packaging made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and 100% recyclable materials.

[Via NY Times]

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