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Lunar's Next-Gen Nursery Is Sweet Dream for Parents

A system with automated rocking, bottle warming and programmable lights promises to ease a new baby into a steady routine.

Lunar's Next-Gen Nursery Is Sweet Dream for Parents


New babies are utterly exhausting. Mostly because of the months of sleeping in two-hour snatches, each block ended by the new baby's wails for feeding. So Lunar Design envisioned a new type of nursery set, which uses soothing lights, automated rocking and bottle warming, and gentle baby alerts to smooth out the process, and make it easier to manage.

As Lunar points out, the biggest problem in caring for a new baby is managing a routine, and even if you've got a routine, you can never really get the hang of warming bottles and changing diapers at 3 a.m. The Next-Gen Nursery works to help create a manageable schedule, and automate the most tedious parts.


Next to the bassinet, there's a sleep-training mobile and a monitoring unit with a built-in bottle warmer, which is connected to relays at the parents' bedside. When the baby monitor detects crying, the bassinet begins to rock and the bottle warmer turns on. Then a light slowly turns on in the parent's room, awakening them. The light is portable, so parents can lift it off the stand and use it light the way to the nursery. Once there, the bottle warmer already has the bottle ready for feeding—no more stumbling to the kitchen to light the stove, heat water, and warm the bottle in the water.

The bassinet itself folds down and coverts to a rocking chair and feeding station. In addition, parents can set shifts, since the lights at the parents' bedside could be programmed to alternate sides; they can also program an exact schedule, which is great for training a baby's sleep patterns.

As Lunar notes, parents already spend $6.2 billion a year on baby equipment and furniture. Any product that eases the pain of the first nine months would be a category killer—although Lunar doesn't have a manufacturer lined up so far.

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