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Branding Bunny Burgers

Branding’s a pretty brutal business, as any designer will tell you. But for a look at the complicated issues around pushing a product you can’t quite get behind, it doesn’t get much better than this hilarious prank by the sweet, sadly-defunct Spy Magazine, founded by editors Kurt Andersen and Graydon Carter. As part of a 1994 TV pilot–which is hosted by a practically teenage-looking Kevin Nealon–Spy’s pranksters designed a logo, business cards, and a 24-page business plan for a revolutionary new product: Bunny Burgers. Among the highlights in their plot to unleash this bunny-eared concept upon America’s fast food fans: Contributor Joe Queenan lures three PR flaks to the Ritz Carlton to gauge their reactions, focus groups have trouble swallowing the hype, and there’s even some authentic in-store promotion complete with hip-hoppity mascot. We won’t give the rest away, but if you’re looking for some guidance for your next product launch, we gotta say…that jingle is catchy!

[Via Kurt Andersen’s Twitter]

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