Lamborghini Cuts Emissions, But Remains in Hybrid Slow Lane


Luxury car maker Lamborghini has pledged to cut carbon emissions 35% by 2015. As part of the pledge, Lamborghini is investing $49 million in carbon cutting efforts. The company has already reduced emissions significantly with its Italian solar photovoltaic plant, which will cut CO2 emissions from production by 20% in the next year. And engineering feats on its Gallardo LP 560-4, released last year, cut CO2 emissions from the car by 18%.

Lamborghini plans on further reducing carbon emissions with lighter cars, biofuel compatibility, and what it calls “hybrid solutions”. It’s fair to assume that means Lamborghini is working on hybrid electric vehicles.

Last month, Lamborghini unveiled a prototype of its Estoque sport sedan, a car that may come with a V8 hybrid engine or a turbo-diesel engine upon release. Lamborghini has hinted that the Estoque could be released as early as next year–but the company still hasn’t committed to a hybrid engine. With luxury car companies like Lexus and Porsche already committed to hybrid cars, Lamborghini will have to step on the, err, gas if it wants to keep up.

[Via UK Telegraph]

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