How (And Why) to Subscribe to an RSS Feed

RSS is a powerful tool that allows you to keep on top of your industry, your competitors, your customers and current events. Learn how to leverage the power of RSS in this instructive video.


Lately I’ve been doing a number of presentations on blogging and social media,
and in these presentations I talk about the power of RSS. You can use
RSS to stay on top of your industry, your competition, your clients or
simply your interests in a time efficient manner.


However, the
idea of RSS is confusing to a lot of people, judging by the number of
hands that go up during that part of my presentation.

It’s a shame that something that has Simple as its middle name should be so complicated.

that end I put together this short video to show you the benefits of
using RSS and how to subscribe to an RSS feed. Enjoy it here or at YouTube: How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed…the Video!

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Update: Completely forgot to include a great RSS video that came before from the good folks over at Common Craft:

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