Universal Fiber Rescues Your Old Carpets From Landfills


Why should ugly old carpets be relegated to landfills? That’s the thinking behind Universal Fiber’s new ReFresh Fiber, a nylon fiber made out of post-consumer Nylon 6,6 carpeting from landfills. Universal Fiber just won New York House magazine’s Innovative Green Design Award for the fiber, which is suitable for over 70 designer shades of carpet yarn.

Universal makes the domestically-produced ReFresh Fiber through a process that separates the face fiber without the use of toxic or heavy metals, effluent streams from traditional dyeing, or manufacturing waste. As a result of the process, Universal saves oil, energy, and material. The ReFresh Fiber isn’t the synthetic yarn producer’s only sustainability effort–the company is also developing waste-saving systems and is a sponsor of the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).

ReFresh is only one of a handful of New York House green design contest winners. The magazine also highlighted GE’s hybrid water heater, Organic Mattresses, Co.’s Terra OrganicPedic mattress, and Bazzeo’s recycled Gaia Kitchen design.

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[Via Core77]