Energizer Solar Chargers Juice Up Portable Electronics

Energi to Go solar packs

There’s already a glut of solar-powered electronics chargers on the market, but battery behemoth Energizer is expanding its Energi to Go line of power packs with ten new models scheduled to be released in July–including two new solar power packs that can charge regular cell phones, smart phones, iPods, GPS units, and Bluetooth devices.

The chargers, part of a partnership with XPAL Power, come with 500 charges each. The $50 SP1000 features a 1,000 mAH power capacity (6 hours of cell phone talk time) and a built in LED flashlight. The SP2000 is a bit more expensive at $100, but comes with a 2,000 mAH capacity (12 hours of cell phone talk time) and a solar tracking device to help users find locations with optimal sunlight. Both chargers have a six-hour charge time with solar energy and a three-hour charge time with AC adapters.

So why should we care about Energizer’s new chargers? Mainly because Energizer products are widely distributed and reputable enough that the company’s SP1000 and SP2000 products might just make portable solar chargers mainstream.

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