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CarGo Concept Is Compact Meets Pick-Up Meets Transformer Autobot

CarGo pickup compact

Everyone wants to be a do-gooder and drive a compact, gas-sipping car, but sometimes a larger vehicle is necessary to transport cargo. Adam Schacter's CarGo concept is a solution to the compact car/pick-up truck dilemma—because it's both.

The CarGo, which resembles the PeaPod EV, has one seat and comes with three configurations: compact mode, narrow mode, and pick-up truck mode. The CarGo Pod storage compartment is completely removable to allow the car to fit in even the tiniest of parking spaces, and the cargo bed also folds up for easy transformation into a compact. Clip-on composite body panels allow repair costs to remain low. 

The battery-powered, emissions-free vehicle probably can't travel very fast, but that's not the point. The car is meant primarily for inner-city deliveries. Schacter hasn't revealed plans to pitch his design to car companies, but who knows—former bike couriers may soon cart packages in CarGos.



[CarGo via DVICE]