• 06.01.09

Mercedes Benz’s Latest Bike Folds Two Ways


Mercedes Benz has just unveiled a flashy new “Foldingbike”, with a difference: Instead of one single folded configuration, it has two. In the “shuttle” position, the bike can be easily be pushed along and steered, so that you don’t have to lug it around on a train, for example. It folds down even more compactly for storage (measuring 80-by-80-by-35 centimeters). The wheels are tiny–the bane of anyone trying to cover much ground–but the ride should be super smooth, given the front and rear suspension. And all for a mere $2,400. Which apparently is some kind of bargain, considering that BMW’s new mountain bike is $4,000 (and doesn’t even boast any unique tech, such as the Benz’s patented folding mechanism).


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