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This is not the kind of library that just sits on the shelf. It’s a very active and dynamic way of offering information, tutorials, FAQs answering most asked questions, and special announcements for your customers.

Why does video work?
  • Lower time commitment
  • More personal experience
  • Higher emotional connection
Now that you’ve considered the pluses of having videos on your site, how do you go about developing the content for them? First off, you should consider mapping to the customer preferences. Their online body language will tell you already what they look at or read most on your site.


Start there by developing stripped down and conversational versions of that content. Having a script will allow you to be more creative at the time of taping. If you know exactly what you’re going to say, you can rehearse a couple of different ways of saying it.

It’s a good idea to include facts as well as stories. When you edit the video, you may show the facts or statistics by embedding charts or the numbers as a fade in during the narration.

The other piece of content that is very good to include is a story. Nothing says I understand what’s going on like using an example. And stories captivate us especially. The best stories include some color with them - think about what would hold the attention of your customers, probably a situation just like the one they may be facing.


Being prepared on your subject matter is important. However, you don’t want to look like you’re reading from a TelePrompTer - that would look a bit inauthentic. It’s very similar to having a script for a play, or a movie. You won’t be reading it when you act it out, but you will have rehearsed it enough to be able to improvise your tone and expression.

Rehearsing out loud is very helpful. If it’s difficult for you to speak to yourself, you might consider doing a dry run in front of a few colleagues. And if you know that you draw energy from a crowd, you might consider taping in in front of people.


Once you’re taping, try to think about your delivery as a part of a two way conversation. Something that will allow you to become intimate with the audience who will be watching the video.

That will go a long way to bringing the content to life.

Do you have recurring customer questions, issues, or content requests? Those are all excellent candidates for a video. Remember to keep things conversational and easy to digest, and you will find that the videos will go a long way to making your site more engaging and in some cases a destination.

Valeria Maltoni | Conversation Agent