Coming Soon: Open Green Map’s Google Mashups

open green map

Next Friday marks the official launch of Open Green Map, a series of interactive Google maps that chart natural, cultural, and green living sites around the world. The maps are already available in preview mode, with 4,000 sites and 55 maps online.

Open Green Map is a product of the Green Map System, a mapped-out network of locally-led sustainable community development projects in over 500 cities, towns, and villages around the world. Over 365 Green Maps have been produced, containing information on ecological and social resources. Unlike Green Map System, Open Green Map lets anyone contribute comments, ratings, videos and images. The platform will also be available for cell phones, so in the future it could be possible to find information on, say, the best local apple-picking venue while you’re roaming around town.

Check out a video of Open Green Map in action below.

Open Green Map from Green Map System on Vimeo.

[Open Green Map via Treehugger]