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Would You Work in an Office Building Made of Shipping Containers?

We’ve profiled homes made out of recycled shipping containers before, but Providence, Rhode Island’s upcoming Box Office project is a more ambitious attempt at making use of the corrugated steel boxes. Slated to be completed in March 2010, the Box Office will be constructed from 32 shipping containers painted in bright hues.

Would You Work in an Office Building Made of Shipping Containers?
shipping containers

The 3-story, 10,000-square-foot building is designed by Peter Gill Case, Principal at Truth Box, Inc. It will feature 12 office and studio units. The layout is modeled on London’s Container City residences, Amsterdam’s Keetowen Tempo Housing, and Puma City, a traveling retail, event, and bar space made out of shipping containers. Case’s Box Office is already a local hit–four and a half units are pre-leased at $1000 for a standard 640-square-foot space. Energy-efficient tenants may even get a price break. Case is planning to offer “green leases” that vary in price based on power consumption.


Case claims that the Box Office is cheaper to build than new construction at an estimated price of $1.8 million. The building will also be more energy-efficient, using 25% less energy than conventional structures with heating and cooling from decentralized air-to-air heat pumps. Excess rainwater will be collected by bioswales or “rain gardens” to feed plant life.

Next up for Case: razing a steel and concrete warehouse and getting a city building permit. Truth Box is also designing three more high-profile green buildings for Providence in the next five years.

[Via The Providence Journal]

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