Nine Stylish Ways to Banish Powercord Clutter

Most power strips are flagrant examples of terrible design–always conspicuous and hideously colored, they actually create more ugliness, by causing ugly wire tangles. What do you do with them? Here’s a few of the best-designed power strips and cord management systems around:

Belkin has probably done more than any other company at making after-thought accessories such as power strips into decent looking objects. Here, their Conceal ($40) and Compact ($35) power strips:

belkin strip

surge protector

A fun piece from Kikkerland, shaped like a battleship:


And a grassy box that serves as a charging station ($27):


Another charging station by Blu Dot, which takes a minimal approach ($129).

Blu Dot Charging Station

Blue Lounge’s cable box ($30):

Blue Lounge cable box

Not a power strip, but the ingeniously simple Drinn wall hanger eliminates the tangles created by wall chargers ($7):


The flashy Dutch supermodel of the bunch, the WirePod ($330) produced by Artecnica and designed by Joris Laarman, who also designed a fancy radiator which looks similar:



Eubiq’s recessed power strips aren’t exactly easy to install–you’ve got to call an eletrician–but they do tuck away your power sources. Granted, this rather silly example makes the cords more conspicuous, but the stips can also be installed on baseboards, so that wires never have to reach far and tangles never gather: