LG’s Cheap 3-D Computer Screen Gives You an Excuse to Watch ‘UP’

3D technology is always being touted as the next big thing for home entertainment, and we’re always skeptical (despite the long list of 3-D movies due out this year). But today LG revealed a new 3-D computer display that makes home 3-D viewing look a little more realistic. The screen measures 23 inches, it doesn’t break the bank, and best of all it only requires simple glasses.

3-D visualization technology uses a trick to fool the brain into thinking it’s seeing a three-dimensional instead of a flat object–the left and right eyes are treated to slightly different images. LG’s system works by time-sequencing the alternate images in combination with simple polarized glasses, whereas other systems use more complex active glasses that blinker alternate eyes.  

What makes the LG system clever is that the tech is mostly embedded in the monitor itself. Plus, the system results in an image that’s twice as bright as typical 3-D displays–LG’s touting it as the brightest ever made. Check out the demonstration video: You won’t be able to see the 3-D of course, but you’ll see the simulated fun the LG guys seem to be having.

We know the display is 1080p, and the technology LG is using will make it far cheaper than other similar displays already on the market. But we don’t yet know when it will arrive or exactly how much it will cost.