City Senspod Makes Air Pollution Paranoia Easy


Sensaris’s wearable City Senspod makes tracking air pollution as easy as checking the time. The wristwatch-like device uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to display real-time CO2 and ozone levels for your exact location. An “air quality index” is transmitted via Bluetooth to a central database available for public use–so anyone can track air pollution levels around the world.

The City Senspod is being distributed in Paris for a trial, but Sensaris plans on releasing the device elsewhere in short order. Sensaris envisions both cyclists and pedestrians using the Senspod to assist with “community action and urban quality life improvement plans.”

The device provides important information, to be sure, but what are citygoers supposed to do upon finding out that the downtown streets where they work are significantly more polluted than the streets where they live? It almost seems like too much knowledge, especially since there is little that can be done besides lobbying for emissions-free vehicles.

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