All-Electric, Zero-Emission ECO Jetski Goes 50 MPH


It was only a matter of time before emissions-free technology moved from cars and bicycles to water vehicles. The ECO Jet Ski, supposedly the world’s first all-electric jet ski, travels at up to 50 mph and has a battery life of 3 hours–so only the most hardcore jet skiers will have to worry about running out of juice. EcoWatercraft, the company behind the ECO Jet Ski, claims that it
“will be the first all-electric personal watercraft manufacturer. We will employ Americans to build our ECO’s in a facility that is 100% powered from renewable sources of energy.”

Emissions-free jet skis, however, don’t resolve the problem of underwater habitat destruction caused by watersports. EcoWatercraft hasn’t revealed when the ECO Jet Ski will be released, but the company hasn’t built a factory yet. Check out the ECO Jet Ski prototype in action in the video below.

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[EcoWatercraft via CrunchGear]