Six Moving, Blinking, Jaw-Dropping Building Facades [video]

Building facades covered in rippling waves or funky light shows are rapidly moving our cityscapes into the Blade Runner era–but without as much advertising (yet). This is a selection of the undulating buildings we’ve spied recently, as well as some of our all-time favorites:

Articulated Cloud, by Ned Kahn, adorns the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. It looks complex, but it’s made simply of white tiles supported on spindles that turn in the wind.

Another stunning piece, also by Kahn:

The FLARE Facade, designed by White Void, is based on a similar idea. The difference is that the metal “flakes” are programmable, so that patterns can be set to ripple across an entire building. When I spoke to the designers a few months ago, they were still trying to find a suitable partner to realize the project. But this video animation conveys what it would look like extremely well:

Each year, Linz, Austria hosts Ars Electronica, a showcase of hacker art that draws tens of thousands of visitors. This year, the convention got a new building and museum worthy of its spirit. The building’s exterior is one enormous light installation, thanks to 1,085 separate LED panels. Yesyesno designed the show you see here:

What is it with Austria? The Graz Kunsthaus, a comtemporary art museum designed by Peter Cook and and Colin Fournier, is one of the world’s best examples of “blob architecture.” It’s entire skin is a media screen. Here’s the programmer, John DeKron, describing the project:

Last but not least, a continuously changing facade. Giselbrecht + Partners covered a building in shutters created by Kiefer, and choreographed the movements: