Inconvenient Truth: Orange’s Foot-Powered Cell Phone Charger Makes No Sense

Power Pump

Orange U.K. and GotWind have developed a colorful alternative to traditional plug-powered cell phone chargers: the Power Pump, a charger powered by kinetic energy. Orange’s pump, scheduled to debut at this June’s Glastonbury festival, captures kinetic energy from an air bed foot pump–a common camping accessory–to drive a turbine inside the pump. The device generates five minutes of cell phone power from the time it takes to inflate a pillow.

Orange bills the Power Pump as a camping accessory, but the 154mm by 129mm device seems like an inconveniently large addition to already-stuffed overnight backpacks–especially since smaller and less work-intensive chargers like the Solio Hybrid 1000 Solar Charger already exist and solar-powered cell phones are in the works

The pedal-powered charger could still be useful in emergency situations when solar energy isn’t available (i.e at night and in thunderstorms) provided the price is right. No word yet from Orange on potential pricing or a release date for the Power Pump.

[Orange via Crunchgear]

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