International Whaling Commission Annual Meeting

Talk about white whales: Every year, the Japanese try to overturn the
commercial whaling moratorium, and every year, anti-whaling nations
lobby for a permanent ban.
This year, things might actually change, thanks to beneficiaries of
Japanese aid that have joined the IWC, including converts to the
pro-whaling cause such as Eritrea, Tanzania, and landlocked Laos.
Roughly half of the 84 member countries convened in March to discuss a
proposal to allow Japan to resume commercial whaling in exchange for
strict catch limits. Conservation groups have already begun protesting.
But the decision would be in keeping with the commission’s original
purpose: It was founded in 1946 to support sustainable whaling. ACL

Leave The Whales Alone!

Mon, June 22
International Whaling Commission Annual Meeting
Madeira, Portugal

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