Opening of the New Acropolis Museum



It has taken four architecture competitions and 33 years for the Greeks
to settle on a design for the New Acropolis Museum and build the thing.
The winning vision — that of New York architect Bernard Tschumi —
boasts balcony views of the Parthenon and a glass floor that reveals archeological remains underfoot.
This museum has a grander purpose: winning back the Elgin Marbles, a
set of sculptures removed from the Acropolis and spirited to Britain in
the 19th century. Britain has maintained that its world-class museums
are the best home for the artifacts. This is Greece’s concrete argument
that it won’t stop until it’s got all its marbles. Abha Bhattarai


new acropolis museum

Sat, June 20
Opening of the New Acropolis Museum
Athens, Greece

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