Clean ’09

“I know I’ll offend wet advocates, but you can’t
do everything with water,” says Tim Maxwell, president of GreenEarth
Cleaning, which licenses a liquid-silicone-based dry-cleaning
technology. At the biennial World Educational Congress for Laundering
and Drycleaning, them’s fighting words. “Ozone gas injected into water
is the strongest sanitizer, and it activates detergent without hot
water,” says Articlean CEO Mark E. Moore. This isn’t quite Bloods
versus Crips, since everyone shares a goal: wringing out savings
through innovation, much of it green. For instance, a company called
AquaRecycle plans to “introduce a product that recycles dryer exhaust,”
says president Jeff Lebedin. Good clean fun. DL

washer demonstration

Thu, June 18
Clean ’09
New Orleans

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