Friday Fun: Remix This Cold War Kids Song 625 Ways

To promote their new song, “I’ve seen enough,” the Cold War Kids produced a regular music video. But they also hired Tool of North America to create an interactive version of the video, which lets you remix the song while it plays. Warning: do not proceed unless you have some time to kill playing DJ. Check it out.

Cold War Kids

If I’m doing my math right, there are 625 versions of this track for you to create online.* As the track plays, there’s an animation of each band member. Click on the colored pillars above each person to give them a new instrument. Click on a band member to mute them (and load up video of them looking bored and frustrated).

The future of music? Probably not. But the future of music promotion? Absolutely. I can only imagine what a huge band with massive resources, such as Radiohead (which has a history of innovative music videos) could do with an online interactive album. 

[Via Fimoculous]

*For each band member, there are five options: Four different instruments or “mute”; there are four band members, so 5x5x5x5=625.CK