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I’m stunned – and so are they!

My job sometimes requires me to see the dark underbelly of managing in the time of the WorkQuake™.  But. Fortunately, nothing any of my clients have ever done even comes close to these two examples of managerial brainlock that can only occur when the dark stars are properly aligned.

As reported by The Miami Herald: 43 children, all children of prison officials, were shocked by electric stun guns during ‘Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day’ events at three different Florida state prisons, while another group of kids was exposed to tear gas during a demonstration at another Florida prison. None of the children, ages 5 to 17, required medical attention.

The ultimate irony: the newspaper reported that: "So far this year (in Florida), none of the devices have been used on the 100,000 prison inmates—only the children of DOC workers."

Three prison guards have been fired, two resigned and 16 more employees will be disciplined.

American tortured - by boss!

Chad Hudgens was waterboarded outside the company’s office in Provo, Utah, by his boss. Hudgens, who claims he did not know what was about to happen to him, volunteered for the "team-building exercise," where co-workers pinned him down while his supervisor poured water from a gallon jug over his nose and mouth until, as the employee claims,  "I'm starting to black out. I'm getting very dizzy, light-headed. The sensation that's going through my head is, 'I'm going to drown.' "

The supervisor then told the assembled sales team, whose numbers had been lagging: "You saw how hard Chad fought for air right there. I want you to go back inside and fight that hard to make sales." Other "motivational techniques" allegedly used by the supervisor:  if the 10-person sales team went a day without a sale, members had to work the next day standing up and he kept a piece of wood on his desk he called "the 2-by-4 of motivation."

The supervisor was suspended for two weeks.  The employee sued the company and the supervisor.

The Bottom Line: What the hell were they thinking?  Do you have any workplace brainlock horror stories to share?