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Jay Leno's Last Tonight Show

After some 3,800 episodes, Jay Leno will relinquish his 11:35 p.m. slot to Conan O'Brien. Jimmy Fallon is already in O'Brien's old slot. Here's our take on Leno's last monologue:
* After 17 years, Jay Leno is stepping down as Tonight Show host. That's a long time in one job. How long? When Leno started, there was no Internet, O.J. Simpson was respected, and the economy was merely George H.W. stupid.
* You excited about summer vacation? It officially started this week. Or, as Jay Leno calls it, "temporary unemployment."
* Leno says he's never touched any of the salary he's earned as host. In a related story, CEO Jeff Immelt today asked Leno to bail out GE.
* NBC wanted to break it gently to Jay that his last day would be May 29. I don't know if having Donald Trump make the call was such a good idea. DL

jay and conanFri, May 29
Jay Leno's Last Tonight Show

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