World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress

For this year’s Golden Nut Award, the Oscar of the nut-and-dried-fruit
world and the highlight of this three-day congress, we nominate Dr.
Atkins. High-protein diets have helped boost nut consumption
in the United States by almost 50% over the past decade, with almonds
tightening their hold on the No. 1 spot. Why the International Nut and
Dried Fruit Foundation doesn’t give out a more inclusive Trail Mix
Award, we don’t know. But for the record, the most popular dried fruit
in the U.S. is the raisin; the average American noshes 7.3 pounds each
year. KR

nuts & dried fruits

Fri, May 29
Go Nuts
World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress
Monte Carlo, Monaco

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